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Mona Abdel Wahab, an Egyptian broadcaster, was born in Egypt.

Biography and life story of celebrity in English.

Basic info wiki card

Name in English: Mona Abdel Wahab
Name in Arabic: منى عبد الوهاب
Nationality: Egypt
Language: Arabic, Egyptian dialect
Religion: Islam
Place of birth: Egypt
Profession: broadcaster, programmer
Genre: Software
Years of activity: 2011 – present

Biography, Life story

Mona Abdel Wahab was born in Egypt. Egyptian media and programmer. She presented the programs (Judgment after practice, cheating is forbidden), and in 2015 she presented the program (Free Frankness) on the Egyptian TEN TV channel, which hosted a number of celebrities from the Arab world, and relies on the bold questions of the guests and confronting them with their previous statements in other programs and meetings, where the program ends with a question “ The “knockout” that remains between the presenter and her guest at first glance, unless the guest allows the question to be asked, and only then does the question come out to the public. Usually the question is about a rumor that is strongly discussed in the media. Some episodes sparked widespread controversy, especially the episode of the Lebanese journalist Nidal Al-Ahmadiyya, who withdrew and refused to answer a question. The “knockout blow”, so that the idea is based on the presenter Mona Abdel-Wahhab writing a question on a paper that only the guest of the episode can see, who has the right to approve or reject by asking the question publicly, but as soon as Nidal Al-Ahmadiyya read the question, she exploded and accused Mona Abdel-Wahhab of attacking her honor and threatened her with death Saying: “If I had bullets in your bow,” she promised that the episode would not be shown, which did not happen.

List of works

Ahl al-Mahaba (not shown yet), Judgment after Practicing, Cheating is Forbidden (2011), Free Opening (2015).

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