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Mayssa Maghrebi, a Moroccan actress residing in Saudi Arabia, was born on August 19, 1978 in Meknes, Morocco.

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Name in English: Mayssa Maghrebi
Name in Arabic: ميساء مغربي
Full real name: Asma Zueitan
Nationality: Morocco
Language: Arabic, Gulf dialect, Moroccan dialect
Religion: Islam (Sunni)
Residence: Saudi Arabia
Date of birth: August 19, 1978
Place of birth: Meknes, Morocco
Age: 44 years old (in 2022)
Astrological Sign: Leo
Profession: Actress
Genre: Gulf and Arab drama
Years of activity: 2000 – present
Social status: divorced
Ex-husband: Ahmed Badi
Brothers: Nina Maghribi (Moroccan Actress)

Biography, Life story

Mayssa Maghrebi - Mayssa Maghrebi

Mayssa Maghrebi was born on August 19, 1978 in Meknes, Morocco. She lived her childhood in Saudi Arabia. Her beginning was in a video clip (May God reward you, Habibi Khair) by the singer (Fayez Al-Saeed), and she also turned to fashion shows. She started working in the artistic field as an actress in the year 2000 when she appeared in a small role in the Saudi series (Al-Dirah Net), then she participated in a number of television and theatrical works in the Gulf countries and Egypt. After that, she played starring roles in many works on television and theater, and she also directed music videos for a number of singers.
Maysa Maghribi married the Emirati businessman (Ahmed Badi), and then divorced him.
She is the sister of actress Nina Maghribi, and is also related to Egyptian actor Samir Ghanem.

List of works – Filmography

Mayssa Maghrebi - Mayssa Maghrebi


Al-Dirah Net (2000), Noura, Human Ruling (2002), The Path of Love, Adham, Zeinat and Three Banat (2003), Hayat Khafiyya – Comedy Program, The World is a Moment (2004), The Might of a Woman (2005), Aswar, Avenue 7 (2006) Musa’s Sisters, A Shouting A Shout, The Second Night After A Thousand, The Wedding Of Blood (2007), Galata Nof (2008), Founjan Al-Dam, Desert Wanderers 1 (2009), Love Leaves 1, Desert Wanderers 2 (2010), Love Leaves 2, Wanderers Desert 3, Karima (2011), Woman’s Man’s Game (2012), Mad Love (2014), From Us and Us, Fragile, Mawlana Al-Asheq (2015).


Sleep well, Arabs (2004), Do Re Mi Fooul (2005), Al Hamoura (2009), Fatima’s Girls (2010), Omar’s Journey (2012).


Glee Fashion (2006), Clockwise (2010).

List of works – TV Show

Mayssa Maghrebi - Mayssa Maghrebi

In 2008, she presented Fawzair Ramadan (Behind and Seen) for the (Al-Rai) channel, and in 2013 she presented the (Millionaire) program on (Dubai) channel, which is the second edition of the program (Who Will Win the Million) presented by the Lebanese journalist (George Qirdahi). In 2015, she presented the program (Rating), and it was shown during the month of Ramadan, and the presenter (Wissam Braidi) shared with her the presentation of the program on (Abu Dhabi TV) and (MTV).

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