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Ahmed Zaher, an Egyptian actor, was born on April 27, 1975.

Biography and life story of celebrity in English.

Basic info wiki card

Name in English: Ahmed Zaher
Name in Arabic: Ahmed Zahir
His full real name: Ahmed Samir Zaher
Nationality: Egypt
Language: Arabic, Egyptian dialect
Religion: Islam
Date of birth: April 27, 1975
Age: 47 years old (in 2022)
Astrological Sign: Taurus
Profession: Actor
Genre: Drama, Cinema
Years of activity: 1994 – present
Social status: Married
Wife: Huda Zaher (2013)
Sons: 4 daughters: Malak, Laila, Mona, Nour

Biography, Life story

Ahmed Zaher was born on April 27, 1975. In high school, he studied literature to avoid the medical profession that her father sought to direct him to. He joined the Faculty of Commerce in order to become an accountant, but he left after the first year, and joined the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts and obtained a Bachelor’s degree from it.
Ahmed Zaher began his artistic career through a small scene in the series (Wolves of the Mountain) in 1992, while he was still studying in secondary school, then he went through the stage of proliferation during which he performed a number of small roles in about 15 TV series, including (Brightness in the Clouds, Haroun Al-Rashid, Days of Light, Garden of Evil, Behind Closed Doors, Dreams of a Lifetime).

In 1999, he participated in his first major role in the series (The Other Man) directed by Magdy Abu Amira and starring Nour Al-Sharif, Mervat Amin, Magda Zaki, Rania Farid Shawky and others, and his real start was through this work that he introduced to the audience, after which he participated in Many series and films, while his theatrical work was very limited.

In 2003, he participated in the film (Kalm Mama), produced by El Sobky Film Production and directed by Ahmed Awad, starring with Abla Kamel, Hassan Hosni, Menna Shalaby, Mai Ezz El Din. He later stated that he regretted this participation, and that he had to because his daughter was ill and he needed the money.

Personal and emotional life

Ahmed Zaher married Hoda Zaher and had 4 daughters with her: Malak, Laila, Mona and Nour.

Ahmed Zaher suffered from weight gain from 80 kg to 185 kg in just four months! This caused him to suffer depression and sudden sleep attacks, so that his car overturned at one point, which prompted him to stay away from the artwork for a while until he recovered, and he had to stop eating and follow a diet, but that was not effective as his weight continued to increase. Until the doctors discovered that he had a disease in the gland that stopped working, a disease that led to his weight gain, and he did not discover this until a year and a half after he had it. He deprived himself of eating completely for a long time, in addition to intense sports and treatment for the gland, until he was able to lose more than 100 kilograms of his weight, especially since losing weight after a sick increase is not easy at all.

He had a sharp disagreement with actress Ghada Abdel Razek, and decided that he would not work with her again.
He has a distinguished family friendship with both singer Tamer Hosni and his wife, Basma Bousil. Tamer is considered a brother to him, and the beginning of their friendship dates back to the year 2000.
He does not like to eat fish.

List of works – Filmography


Behind Closed Doors, The Other Man (1999), Disobedience (2003), Justice Has Many Faces (2001), Meeting Live (2005), Morning and Evening Talk (2001), Critical Moments (2007), Truth and Mirage (2003), Shackles from Fire (2007), Haq Project (2007), Dancing with Flowers (2005), Wall of the Heart (2008), The Clinic (2009, Sitcom, Guest of Honor), Noble Dreams (2009), Women Without Regret (2009), The Side The Other From the Beach (2008), Danny the Phantom (2005, Animated), Good and Bad (2004), The Last Decision (2004), Candles of Love (2004), People of Honor (2004), Umm Kulthum (1999), Al Fursan, Outside Al-Dunya (2010), Adam (2011), Banat Al-Aila (2012), Al-Saqr Shaheen (2013), A Story of Life (2013), Shatt Bahr Al-Hawa (2014), His Excellency (2014), The Sweetest Evening (2014).
Amshir, forgive me, I didn’t mean it, Al-Tablawi neighborhood.


The Secret of the Absent (1991), Light and Fire (1999), Biliya wa Demagha Aliyah (2000), Rendezvous (2001), Talk to Mama (2003), A Groom from a Security Authority (2004), Captain Hema (2008), Respectable Except for a Quarter of 2010, a movie Saxock (2012), My Dog My Guide (2013).


Al-Wad Ghorab wa Al-Qamar (1994), Adla’a Ya Dosa (2002), Farewell Ya Bekawat.

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